Where to buy Generic Harvoni online in India
Generic Harvoni from India is a new-generation drug designed to fight the hepatitis C virus. It consists of two main active ingredients - it is Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir.
Ledipasvir is a substance originally developed by an American pharmaceutical company and has an inhibitory effect on one of the non-structural proteins of the virus. By blocking this protein, it is possible to achieve a complete stop of the replication of viral particles and the creation of new virions. That is, the process of hepatitis C virus reproduction is blocked immediately at two levels.
Sofosbuvir is another development originally owned by one of the American pharmaceutical companies. This substance, like Ledipasvir, has an inhibitory effect. It acts on RNA polymerase, providing the process of replication of DNA particles of the virus.
The drug Generic Harvoni , as a combination agent, allows you to increase the effectiveness of both substances. It also differs from the original American drugs in price. Generic Harvoni can still be bought cheaply, but the original Harvoni ledipasvir and sofosbuvir can not be found at an affordable price even in the manufacturing country, since the pharmaceutical company spent a lot of money on the development of these substances and their clinical trials.
Generic Harvoni instructions for use, which usually warns that it can not be taken without the approval of a doctor, is a serious antiviral drug. Self-prescribing in the treatment of this tool is strictly prohibited.
The appointment of Generic Harvoni is carried out by an experienced doctor who already has experience in the treatment of hepatitis C. At the same time, the specialist conducts a number of special studies, assesses the general condition of the patient, and the presence of various concomitant pathologies.
Before the appointment of Generic Harvoni, the patient must be comprehensively diagnosed. A mandatory element of preliminary research is a liver biopsy or a fibro test. These analyzes allow you to evaluate how much the organ tissues underwent fibrosis, how dangerous the changes caused by the virus are.
Additional studies included in the comprehensive diagnosis without fail are:
various types of blood tests;
establishing the genotype and subgenotype of the virus;
determination of the level of viral load (the number of viral particles circulating at the moment in the human body);
monitoring of tumor markers;
Ultrasound of the abdominal organs and, at the discretion of a specialist, a number of other studies.
Today, in many clinics with suspected hepatitis C, you can undergo a comprehensive study and, based on its results, start antiviral therapy.
Generic Harvoni reviews on the use of which can easily be found on the Internet, is today one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. However, despite its popularity, it remains a serious medicine with its own indications and contraindications.

The only indication for starting a course of treatment with Generic Harvoni is hepatitis C. In most cases, the drug is prescribed to combat the genotypes of the virus from 1 to 4, but it can also be used in the treatment of other pathologies as part of complex therapy.

If it became necessary to purchase Generic Harvoni, you can order it only after the absence of contraindications has been physically determined. Contraindications include:

the presence of allergic reactions to active substances or additional components in the composition;
the presence of lactose intolerance or an insufficiency of the enzyme that ensures its splitting;
the period of gestation and lactation;
children's age (due to the lack of a clear understanding of how the medicine acts on the body, which is in the process of growth).
It is important to remember that when using Generic Harvoni, a woman who is of reproductive age should carefully monitor contraception. If this rule is not observed, it may be necessary to terminate the pregnancy if the drug provokes the development of any developmental defects incompatible with life (there is no data on the effect on the developing fetus for unambiguous conclusions, so it’s better not to risk it).
If there is a need to purchase Generic Harvoni, buying it at a regular pharmacy will not work, which is what the patient will face when this drug is prescribed. Generic Harvoni can be ordered today in India only via the Internet or by contacting our consultant.

If there was a need to buy Generic Harvoni, then how not to buy a fake? Everything is very simple, it is necessary to show elementary vigilance and choose a reliable supplier who will have a large number of positive reviews and a long experience. Such a simple precaution will help protect against fake.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the fact that Generic Harvoni, the price of which is lower than the original drugs, is still not a completely affordable treatment. On average, the ledipasvir sofosbuvir cost will be at an affordable level for many segments of the CIS population. With a significant reduction in prices, you should consider whether or not you get a fake.

Generic Harvoni is by far one of the most affordable and easy-to-use drugs designed to treat hepatitis C. If you carefully choose a provider and first make sure that this medicine is suitable for the treatment of a detected disease, you can cope with such a serious and previously considered lethal pathology like hepatitis C.

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